Design Brief

In 2015, year of Bristol as the European Green Capital, we launched the design competition across the South West of England, to source the weave design for Bristol Cloth.

The design brief looked like this:


What does Bristol’s social fabric look like?

What kind of cloth does Bristol need?

How would you weave Bristol?

What woven designs were traditionally borne out of the South West?

The winning Bristol Cloth design will encapsulate the beautiful, diverse city that we live in, while also referencing traditional woven design. Choose your own starting point from which to explore a design theme and follow our Instagram for inspiration.

The Bristol Cloth will be broadly and commercially appealing to local designer-makers, local brands and retailers as well as the general public with end use being for accessories, outerwear and/or interiors.



Colour palette

Why so few? Our colour palette will change year on year according to the natural colours of fleece we source and the dyes available.

This is what the 2015 selection of colours. Three natural un-dyed fleece colours, and one plant dyed orange colour made with traditional British madder and weld natural dyes:



16 shaft dobby weave construction

Ends per inch:  12

Picks per inch: variable depending on weight and handle you wish to achieve.


100% Shetland wool warp and weft

2/14 YSW


The woven cloth will be washed, woven and pressed, to create a beautiful handle with the Fernhill wool yarn.



Winning Entries:

Shortlisted by Bristol Cloth partners by September 2nd 2015 and exhibited in the Bristol Green Capital Lab space on Bristol's Harbourside. Throughout September the public were welcomed to nominate their favourite, contributing 25% of the final vote. 

The winning design was chosen by a panel comprising representatives from the Bristol Cloth partner organisations and other local arts and creative industry institutions and businesses and the winner, Wendy Kotenko received the first 5m length of the woven cloth in a prize-giving ceremony in the Green Capital Lab on the eve of October 28th.