Design Brief

What does Bristol’s social fabric look like?

What kind of cloth does Bristol need?

How would you weave Bristol?

What woven designs were traditionally borne out of the South West?


The winning Bristol Cloth design will encapsulate the beautiful, diverse city that we live in, while also referencing traditional woven design. Choose your own starting point from which to explore a design theme and follow our Instagram for inspiration.

The Bristol Cloth will be broadly and commercially appealing to local designer-makers, local brands and retailers as well as the general public with end use being for accessories, outerwear and/or interiors.



Colour palette

Why so few? Our colour palette will change year on year according to the natural colours of fleece we source and the dyes obtained from surrounding flora.

This is what we have to work with in 2015:



16 shaft dobby weave construction

Ends per inch:  12

Picks per inch: variable depending on weight and handle you wish to achieve.



100% Shetland wool warp and weft

2/14 YSW 

N.B. Unfortunately we are not able to provide yarn for competition entries. Please make sure to use yarn of the same count and of similar colours to our palette.



The woven cloth will be washed, woven and pressed, which we have found to create a beautiful handle with the Shetland yarn.


How to Enter:

* 1 design per entrant

* entrants must have a postcode from the South West (i.e. Bath/Bristol/Avon/Somerset/Gloucestershire/Wiltshire/Dorset/Devon/Cornwall) 

* Designs should be submitted with any relevant supporting work presented on no more than 3 A3 boards.

* Entrants do not need to weave a sample (unless they want to) only create a CAD artwork of their design in JPEG format.

* Any relevant technical notes should be submitted separately in A4 format.


Please send you entry, along with:


and a SHORT PARAGRAPH about yourself, the inspiration behind your design and what end use you have designed it for


Bristol Textile Quarter Ground Floor, 1A Barton Road Bristol BS2 0LF


Closing date: Monday August 31st 12:00



Winning Entries:

Will be shortlisted by Bristol Cloth partners by September 2nd and exhibited in the Bristol Green Capital Lab space on Bristol's Harbourside. Throughout September the public will be able to nominate their favourite, contributing 25% of the final vote. 

The winning design will be chosen by a panel comprising representatives from the Bristol Cloth partner organisations and other local arts and creative industry institutions and businesses and the winner will receive a 5m length of the finished cloth in a prize-giving ceremony in the Green Capital Lab on the eve of October 28th.


Terms & Conditions 

 The winning design will be open to interpretation by The Bristol Weaving Mill to ensure successful translation to production.

Copyright of the design will be transferred to The Bristol Weaving Mill